On the day of your procedure


When the pre-op nurse is ready, the patient will be escorted to our pre-operative area and prepped for their procedure.
Please leave any valuables and jewelry with your family member.

A nurse, the anesthesiologist and your doctor will meet with you and review your medical history, discuss the type and method of anesthesia you’ll be receiving, verify your procedure and mark the operative site, if necessary. You may have an IV started at this time.

Due to the size of our pre-operative area and the need to insure privacy to all of our patients, it may not always be possible for a family member to wait with patients in this area prior to the procedure.

Post Procedure Recovery

After your procedure is completed, you will be transported to the post op recovery area.

Our nursing staff will evaluate and monitor you, making sure you are comfortable.

Due to privacy issues and the safety of our patients, family members are not permitted in the post op recovery area. In the event a patient’s designated driver is not in the center, the receptionist will contact the driver with the estimated discharge time.


A single family member or significant other will be present while the nursing staff and/or physician reviews the written discharge instructions.

Any questions that you might have will be answered at this time.

A member of our nursing staff will contact you on the next business day following your procedure to see how you are and answer any additional questions you may have.

The Endoscopy Center of South Jersey is committed to excellence and we hope you have a very pleasant experience. Please remember to return your Patient Satisfaction Survey; your comments and feedback are valuable and make a difference.


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